Firstly, may I extend a hearty Yorkshire welcome to you all and, more importantly, to my blog – Under the Posts. You’re more than likely reading this because I have directed you here or you’ve found this from Google/Bing on some random search terms. Nevertheless, thank you for coming and I hope you enjoy your stay. Just click here to access the blog, however, I have added some other pages such as season previews, which I hope you will enjoy.

Why choose to do a blog?

It seems like all and sundry are doing a blog nowadays so I thought ‘well, why the heck not?’ and joined the bandwagon. This blog will feature articles from all aspects of rugby league: Super League to NRL, licensing to promotion and relegation, lower league to amateur. I will add some photos of my travels and ground guides from the grounds I have been to. If anyone wants to get in touch and add some information or to help with a ground guide, drop me a line at underthepostsblog (at) gmail (dot) com.

About me

I am a rugby league fanatic born right in the middle of the ‘Heartlands’. Whilst I have an interest in the majority of sports, nothing can ever come close to what is known as the Greatest Game. Whilst I am a lifelong season-ticket holder at Castleford Tigers (cue accusations of bias!), I have the whole game of rugby league at heart and want to share my passion for the game with people who may not necessarily be aware of how entertaining, thrilling and physical the sport is.

With a University degree in Sports Journalism and Media, I have contributed to The Times’ Rugby League Blog, both Castleford Tigers and Hull FC match programmes and more recently helped develop Lasttackle.com, more widely known now as loverugbyleague.com. Under the Posts was born there and still remains on the website, however, this independent blog has been made to write my thoughts away from Love Rugby League. I will try to add as much information as possible regarding clubs, their grounds and everything else to make this into an interesting compendium and not just the thoughts of some random aspiring journalist-come-Castleford fan.

Please get involved, comment, feel free to disagree and contribute. I enjoy good discussion but more importantly with those, who like me, are passionate about the Greatest Game. You can also add me on Twitter with @UnderPostsBlog.


4 thoughts on “Welcome

  1. League was a game I had always loved from the unlimited tackle period through to the mid 80s when I thought the game changed for the wors. Coaches suddenly had too much say in the rules. They only wanted changes that would advantage their style of coaching, I’m talking Australian league here so I don’t know if this was a problem only here or if the English just followed suit. I miss the competing for the ball in scrums, play the ball even stripping tha ball in the tackle (this wouldn’t happen if players took responsibility for ball security). I probably enkoy watching the English Super League and my own Group 7 (country rugby league) than I do the NRL. To me it would take so little to bring the game back to its earlier glory here but they won’t do that.
    Anyway, that’s my rant for the day. Good luck with your site.


    • Hi Bill

      Thanks for your comments. I know a lot of people who are disheartened by the way the game has changed. I think the deliberate change to wrestling and winning the ‘collision’ has made it worse.

      Though I did recently watch a game from the ESL from around 1999 and I don’t think I could watch that again. The play was too quick and too direct.

      In terms of your other points, I think almost everyone would agree; scrums are pointless, the play-the-balls are farcical and the lack of consistency with ball steals/knock-ons is a major concern, certainly over here.

      The biggest issue for me is a lack of unity amongst the nations in one set of rules. It’s stupid we have rules for NRL, rules for SL and rules internationally. They should all be uniform.

  2. I would fans comments about Warrington’s attempt to buy success by buying other clubs good players instead of bringing youngsters through the system. Warrington’s fans are very keen to slag Wigan Warriors off.Dennis

  3. Here we go again.Instead of bringing young lads through Warrington are buying success from other clubs.This time it is Sandow from Australia.Dennis

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